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For more details:
News item by Mark Scott in The Times of India, Chennai, dated Oct 16, 2014, page 15

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Quotes for the Digital Age-1:

This is the age of total digitalisation; everything is online always.''Uh huh, and that's why our politicians are pure and clean, and the world works so well, is it? Because everybody knows everything and there's no hiding place ― Peter F. Hamilton

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Alt + 0153..... ™... trademark symbol
Alt + 0169.... ©.... copyright symbol
Alt + 0174..... ®....registered trademark symbol
Alt + 0176 ...°......degre­e symbol
Alt + 0177 ...±­-minus sign
Alt + 0182 ...¶.......paragraph mark
Alt + 0190 ...¾.....fractio­n, three-fourths
Alt + 0215 ....×.....multi­plication sign
Alt + 0162...¢.......the cent sign
Alt + 0161.....¡......upside down exclamation point
Alt + 0191.....¿..... ­upside down question mark
Alt + 1................smiley face
Alt + 2 .............bla­ck smiley face
Alt +­n
Alt + 12.............female sign
Alt + 11.............m­ale sign
Alt + 6...............s­pade
Alt + 5...............­Club
Alt + 3................ ­Heart
Alt + 4............. ..­Diamond
Alt + 13..............e­ighth note
Alt + 14..............­beamed eighth note
Alt + 8721.... ∑.... ..N-ary summation (auto sum)
Alt + 251.....√........s­quare root check mark
Alt + 8236.....∞..... ­.infinity
Alt + 24.......↑..... ..­up arrow
Alt + 25......↓...... ..­down arrow
Alt + 26.....→.........ri­ght arrow
Alt + 27......←........l­eft arrow
Alt + 18.....↕..........u­p/down arrow
Alt + 29......↔....... left right arrow

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Digital World-23: Adrian Belew Quote

Digital for storage and quickness. Analog for fatness and warmth - Adrian Belew, American guitarist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer.

Write-up on Adrian Belew from Wikipedia:

Grateful thanks to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tablet World-4: Evolution of Tablet PCs

I came across this interesting article on The Evolution of Tablets in Manorama Yearbook 2012.  I thought that I would share the main points with you (before I take up iPad).

1972 - Dynabook - Alan Kay invented the first Tablet, which remained a concept.  

1987 - Cambridge Z88 and Linus Write-Top.

1990 - GRIDPad 1910

1991 - HP 95LX

1992 - Grid 2260

1993 - Apple's Newton and Zoomer

1999 - Rocket eBook

2001 - Via Tablet 

2003 - FSC Lifebook

2005 - Nokia 770

2006 - Sony UX and Samsung Q

2007 - Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPhone

2010 - Apple's iPad 1, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Viewsonic Videpad, OlivePad

2011 - iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook, HP TouchPad, LG Optimus, HTC Flyer

Grateful thanks to Manorama Yearbook 2012.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tablet World-3: All about Tablet PCs

For a newcomer to the field of minis, there are so many products - Notebooks, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, Tablets, by so many leading companies.  So sort of introduction may be of some help.  With that in mind, I am providing links to three good articles, their captions themselves give you an idea about the content.  So no need for me to add anything additional.  They are:

What makes a tablet a tablet? (FAQ) frin CNET:

Tablet computer from Wikipedia:

Grateful thanks to, Taling about Tech and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tablet World-2: Aakash, the world's cheapest tablet computer

My previous posting was about Top 10 Budget Tablets in India. Actually my knowledge about Tablets is just two months old. I should have started at the beginning. However, for people like me, with limited resources, Budget Tablets is something sweet to hear. So I rushed and posted it. Now I am starting at the beginning and shall proceed with one posting a day about Tablets, my new-found love.

Two months back I was lamenting to Rajeev about my inability to buy a Laptop which would make things easier for me to do something creative, as I am on the move most of the time. He told me that cheaper options were available in the form of Tablet PCs. I had heard about Tablets but did not take them seriously. Rajeev then started briefing me about Aakash and UBISlate.(UBISlate - What a fitting name!  A Tablet reminds me of a slate we used to carry to school as toddlers)  He also provided me with a clipping. I got interested and after that, when I saw any news or ads about Tablets in newspapers I pounced on it. I also started collecting clippings from newspapers. In addition, I also started browsing for Tablets and slowly learned more about them.

Today I shall start with Aakash and UBISlate as it is still the cheapest Tablet in the world and then proceed to write about one Tablet PC a day because my clippings have swelled and I have now a lot of info on Tablets.

The world's cheapest tablet computer, Aakash, was launched in India during Oct 2011 with 500 school students, pursuing graduation, getting them. UK-based Datawind had offered to sell its Tablets at Rs.17,50/- ($35) if an order for one million units is placed. The Govt has offered a 50% subsidy for students.

It is Wi-Fi enabled with a 7-inch touch screen and is based on Google's Android 2.2 operating system. It has an internal storage capacity of 2GB which can be increased to 32 GB with an SD card, a battery backup of nearly three hours and two USB ports.

Datawind, which makes the tablet in Hyderabad at 700 units a day, is selling the tablet commercially at Rs 2,999 with a year-long warranty, under the brand name of UbiSlate. UbiSlate will come with an inbuilt 2G SIM for web access, with an internet plan at Rs.99 per month.

I did not rush to register for UBISlate, as I had some bitter experience with Mobiles. I decided to wait before making a decision, as more powerful and sophisticated Tablets have started pouring in, with more battery power and other advancements.  The purchase of a Tablet is a lifetime purchase for me and I may not get another opportunity or resources to buy another.

Tomorrow I shall talk about what I know about iPad.

Aakash Tablet Review by Joel Rai in India Today:

Article from Wikipedia about Tablet PCs:

Grateful thanks to Rajeev, Joel Rai, India Today and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tablet World-1: Top 10 Budget Tablets in India has come up with a list of Top 10 Budget Tablets in India. They all use Google Android as OS and their price is less than Rs.15,000/-

To have a look at it and for full details, just click:

Grateful thanks to

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Digital World-21: "That is no phone, that is my tracker"

I came across an article with the above caption, "That is no phone, that is my tracker" by Peter Maass and Megha Rajagopalan in theChennai edition of Deccan Chronicle dated July 18, 2012.  Originally published in The New York Times, I find it has been republished in the Deccan Chronicle and several other newspapers. Because of GPS technology and smartphone apps, what we buy, where and when; how much money we have in the bank; whom we text and email, what websites we visit, how and where we travel, what time we go to sleep and wake up, and more are taken note of by these devices.  Could be very useful in solving many crimes; but at the same time, a bit chilling is not it?

The article is worth reading.  I searched for it in the Net with a view to provide to link to those who want to read the full article and came up with the following link to the original article in The New York Times:

Thanks to Deccan Chronicle and The New York Times.